The face and its expression is central to my current series.  It is always where I start my drawing. Every stroke and mark follows that point.  The face has infinite nuances of expression, each lending itself to the evocative narrative I am pursuing.  Few of the faces look at the viewer, allowing a space where the viewer and the art work might arrange a mutual agreement of confrontation.   In the "small gestures/Modes of Escape" animated drawing series and the "Dark Storms" series, in every drawing the eyes look at a naked figure entering a room - or maybe he is leaving.  That drawn image has its own reason to be there; it is a sight-line from the eyes; it is a visual moment that invites interpretation.

my work to be seen as it is, in real air and space and light.  Digital images and photographs are necessary representations since the late 1990s.  I know all the reasons they are used; I will use them as I must; however, I want viewers to see my work straight on, proportionate to their presence, so that they may complete the circle of perception and interpretation.