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Poetry and Prose written from 1961 - 1968

Police Look On 1963 1 min. 23 sec.

Poetry Compilation

5 Poems

Hepato Chorus

This is prose and poetry from the 1960s recovered in 2008 from mouldy typewritten sheets in my studio files.

This is the first book in which the poems are published.
I hope you find pleasure in them. I certainly like them better now than when I wrote them almost 50 years (!) ago.
The 1960s were an electric time to live in with daily doses of chaos, assassinations, war and social upheaval.

Our only social networks were huge gatherings dedicated to activism and change.
That decade into the 1970s altered the flow of events and even the look of things in both very good and very bad ways.
My poems were my limited response to all of that as I was living in it.

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