Diverse Drawings : a selection • 1969 to present
Three Dancing Figures
Skeleton Series (9)
Reclining Nude
Road to Wolf Kahn house, Vermont
Reclining Female Nude w. Mirror
One of 16 Figures
Portrait of Dottie Attie
Portrait of James Burgess
Dancing Lady
On Getting Out of Bed/I can't sleep
Door Escape
Three Door Escapes
Modes of Escape : Escape from Muddle
Running Men
Running Man
Small Gestures (6)
Five Heads (3 of 5)
Never Always
4 Rage Heads
You, plum of my disdain
Fear + Loathing
Signs are taken for wonders
Sally  (7 of 17)
Three Dancing Men
Sketches of figures for animation
A Gang of Heads
Is anybody listening?
Art Dust
aurgh aurgh
Rage + Defiance
Four Heads: Rage + Defiance

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