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Captivating, intriguing - the perfect venue for your work. Immersive in the spirit.

Marcia Nehemiah

   Fantastic! To see in a space like this your work connects your dots ….in a way that is beautiful, fully alive and deeply moving

HPS (?)


Spectacular, John!

Richard Plunz

Just got here. Fabulous exhibit.

“What the hell” indeed!

Brian Scanlan + Patty Stotter

Wonderful. Thank you. I saw my dad in the “What the hell!” So perfect.

Louise Wasler

Great work John!

Francis Cape 

Heather Jacksy


Dale Emmart

Bravo John!

Woody Goldberg   so interesting! I’m not quite sure I understand your explanation. Very advanced aesthetics!! Parts are frightening, very provocative, troubling.

Really interesting, John

Carley Paganetti   Aaron Stark

Awesome stuff. Very very evocative!

Great Show!

Noah Kalina

Statement & Comments

Breaking Silence

    I see drawing as an agent of breaking silence. Once the drawing instrument engages the surface its strokes reveal the light and its silence is broken.

    Once the silence is broken it begins to ask questions, which is what art does.

    It asks me how do I represent the time and world I live in, and how my perspective and emotions respond to it.

    The word “drawing” holds the true nub of what it is, drawing the world into oneself to interpret it and know it better and to share the knowledge with others. Not the absolute truth, but a particular way of looking at reality. My drawing are expressive in a uniquely personal way, yet rooted in a classical tradition.

    I pare down the drawing to three essentials which are the drawing, the title and the sound.  The experience of how the elements work together is left to the viewer’s interpretation.

    The late pioneering writer on new media, Douglas Davis, wrote in the 1990s that my drawings had a sense of animated narrative in them and urged me to explore that. It was a timely challenge as the media of video, sound and animation were just then breaking through the silence.

    Upon creating my first drawing animation in 2006, “small gestures/Modes of Escape”, segments of which can be seen and heard in the large projected work, I saw the opportunity to write a digital score to the piece that I called a soundwork which seemed to me to complete the breaking of silence. 

John  Tomlinson • 2022


ISeems to me a profound statement about the passage of time, our aging, + the impact of technology … for starters. The appearance of the cell phone as representative of maintainng a connection - even as we (may) get to heaven - keeps an attachment to the world - as the key board in front of the drawing process represents both a tool AND an impaction.

BRAVO + thanks. Dee Unterbach   Nov. 26.2022


Johan Sellenraad

Fascinant!  Merci John.

Continue de faire ton beau travail,

la belle oeuvre.  Sylvie Bilger 

Great work!

Ellen Cibula

John, when I see your work I see a person questing, vulnerable, caring & much more, with eyes wide open! It’s a lovely show. Thank you,

Larry Loewenger


Angelina Kolesar

Peter Kolesar + Anne Willard

John: This is great. Pat (Carullo, curator), great job. Visited on my 86th Birthday!

Loved the view inside your mind!

Cass Collins


Jim Stratton


Joe Bilger

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